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The MPDBA is an Association of local businesses primarily involved in providing products and services to the local residential and commercial building industry.

Represented are: Building Contractors, Renovation Experts, Home Décor Specialists, Designers, Professionals, Cabinet Makers, Realtors, Financial Experts, Material Suppliers, Electrical Contractors, Heating and Cooling Agents, Window Suppliers, Home Security, Legal Advisors and more.

We employ local talent and professional associates in the daily performance of our businesses. It is in our best interest and that of our customers to employ our services in the fulfillment of your day-to-day needs.

We represent over 100 member businesses led by an enthusiastic Board of Directors and an Executive Officer. Our focus of attention is entirely on our communities.

Click pdf symbol to download a membership form.  You can complete with typewriter tool in Adobe and email to us or fax to:  705-526-2530

Mission Statement

The MPDBA provides its members with ongoing networking opportunities along with programs that will stimulate business growth and profitability. Through social gatherings, financial help and hands-on assistance, we will generate community involvement and strong community spirit.